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Our Story

Hi, I'm Jeff - the founder of Fat Snax.

It wasn't until I turned 45 that I started living a low-carb lifestyle. Almost immediately, I felt younger and healthier than I had in years. Eating fat was fun...or was it?

Unfortunately, as I looked to limit my intake of carbs and sugar, I realized that great keto snack options simply didn't exist. I kept going to my pantry at night and loading up on cookies!

After learning that my fellow keto friends were struggling with the same issue, I took to the kitchen. After a full year of recipe development, I launched Fat Snax in 2017.

Fat Snax is dedicated to making delicious keto foods, and I hope you give us a try.

If you have feedback, questions, stories, recommendations, jokes, recipes, blogs, photos, or Christmas Cards, feel free to reach me directly at I’d love to hear from you.


Jeff Frese

Founder & CEO, Fat Snax

Our Products

You can eat fat and be fit. We left the sugar behind and cut down the carbs, without sacrificing taste. We create unapologetically fat-filled snacks, so you can have your brownie and eat it too.

Welcome to the Fat Snax Family!