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Gift Cards

Fat Snax Gift Cards Explained in GIFs

It's a magical time of year. Family & friends, fireplaces, keto-friendly egg-nog. Cats dancing in Santa outfits.


The holiday season can mean so much to us, and giving the perfect gift remains a fun and rewarding challenge.


But guessing which Fat Snax product is perfect for your Uncle, Daughter, or old college roommate from '78 can be tough. Sure, you could order both (actually, we strongly endorse that option...) but which will they like best?

Are they an avid cookie fan, desperate for a new low-carb, sugar-free Chocolate Chip cookie?

Or are they a tea fanatic that would love our new Fat Tea with matcha?

You could ponder these questions for decades, driving yourself insane with every new postulation. But what if there was a better way.

What if we told you we had a solution? 

Fat. Snax. Gift. Cards.

Making choices for friends can be nearly impossible. But for them, making the decision can be a blast.


It turns out, Fat Snax holiday gift cards may just be the single greatest gift to ever be given in the history of gifts. 

Let us know if you have any questions ;) 




p.s. We sell Gift Cards, not GIF cards...